Why Water, Hydration and Body Alkalinity Are About So Much More Than Being Thirsty


It’s a pitch that you’ve likely heard a thousand times in a hundred different places, frequently drowned out only by the noise of every other eerily similar promise delivered by some expert in their field hocking their latest invention for consumption – ‘Miracle breakthrough’! Finally, an all-in-one product to cure all that ails you. Do nothing else other than take this product and you’ll become the picture of health!’.

It grabs your attention and gets your mind and emotions racing, wondering, what if? Just like a lottery ticket, we sometimes take the plunge and buy-in based on the hope that it just. might. work. Like Lloyd Christmas wondered out loud in the 90’s cult classic movie: “So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Well guess what Lloyd? When it comes to water, that’s exactly what we’re saying. Better yet, it’s not just a chance, it’s a guarantee. After all we’re not talking some backyard snake oil here, we’re talking about one of the most basic elements of life on earth. The problem is in the misconception that water is about little more than a solution to thirst on a 100-degree day or during a sweaty run on the treadmill. It’s in the fallacy that water is simply water and that there aren’t really any important distinctions when it comes to your body and the role water plays in its ability to function as intended. Let’s take a minute to break this down.

The human body is made up of about 60% water. Let that really sink in, it’s unreal! Remove the material that makes up 60% of anything and imagine what happens: the lumber that was used to frame your house or the aluminum frame of a boat – they would cease to service their intended purpose! Water is essential to every cell in the human body in exactly the same way. Ensuring that the body is well hydrated is therefore not only essential for good health but also critical for life itself.

There are several vital and incredible benefits of keeping hydrated (aside from it simply facilitating your ability to keep on living). Water promotes cardiovascular health, actually aiding in all that work you do on the treadmill rather than just keeping you from feeling thirsty. Water also makes up our blood and when a person is dehydrated, the blood volume decreases. The decline means that the heart must then work harder to pump the lower volume of blood to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the cells.

Staying properly hydrated ensures that there is sufficient blood volume so that the heart is not overworked. Water is also imperative in ensuring that the cells in muscles work better. In particular, it actually helps to increase metabolism, increasing your body’s ability to burn more calories and therefore promoting weight loss and healthy weight management. That’s right, water can actually help you hit those summer beach body goals!

Need a few more benefits? Then how about the fact that water is vital in keeping you cool. The body cools by dilating the blood vessels near the skin surface. As blood flows inside these vessels, the increased surface area releases heat to the environment. A dehydrated individual will require a higher temperature for the blood vessels near the skin surface to dilate therefore leaving the person hotter.

Water is also crucial for cleansing the body of toxins. The kidneys are the organs responsible for removing toxins and waste from the blood. They require sufficient water to flush out the impurities, which the body excretes in the form of urine or sweat. Without proper hydration, the efficiency of the kidneys is drastically reduced. Extreme dehydration can lead to kidney failure, which may even result in death. That’s right… now the consequences of not drinking enough water are starting to sound like the side effects of a prescription drug listed in a TV commercial!

Aside from the quantity of water you drink to ensure that your body is properly hydrated, the quality of the water is also of significant consequence to your health. The blood of a human being is alkaline in nature at a PH of 7.3 to 7.4. The alkalinity of the blood stream is largely dependent on the individual’s diet. Water is the most vital factor in maintaining an optimum PH in the bloodstream. If the environment is too acidic, the cells will not work efficiently, which may result in fatigue and even the death of these cells in extreme cases. This makes it pretty important to ensure that the water you drink to hydrate is alkaline in nature.

Ionized water is the best for hydration. This means that it contains a higher oxygen to hydrogen ratio than normal water, making it alkaline in nature. The ionized water has extra electrons giving it a negative charge which is healthier for the body. The ionized water also contains hydroxyl ions in the form of bubbles, which can attach to free radicals. Free radicals, essentially, are toxic by-products of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells. The hydroxyl ions will attach to free radicals in the body and help to remove them.

Water is also present naturally in clusters of molecules rather than single molecules. Tap water, which can be acidic, will usually consist of large clusters of molecules that are difficult to absorb in the body. However, ionized water, which is alkaline in nature, will have smaller groups of molecules that the body can absorb more readily.

It becomes quickly clear that the best water to hydrate the body is water that is alkaline in nature, which is achieved by ionizing the water, resulting (ideally) in water at a PH of about 9. The high alkalinity helps to balance out acidity from the chemical processes in the body as well as the acidity from other less than healthy foods that can find their way into our diet, helping to encourage an optimum PH of 7.3 to 7.4 in the bloodstream.

It’s a little bit exciting, isn’t it? There really does appear to be a miracle in a bottle that can actually cure a lot of what ails you. No snake oil, no fake claims, no greasy spokespeople, just results. All you need to do now is make sure that you get enough of it. About four to six 500mL bottles per day is what most experts would suggest.

If you’re looking for one last good reason to start drinking more, here it is – water is the cheapest path to a healthy diet that you’ll find anywhere. So, don’t just drink water to survive, start getting optimum hydration to better your health and your quality of life!

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